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No Credit Check Financing

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                                                                         VUE DIAMONDS

Vue diamonds serves for the mission “making jewelry buying affordable by providing multiple financing options, creating memories and connecting them with bench jewelers in their OWN town”. In an attempt to solve the financing burden, Vue diamonds teamed up with multiple financing institutions, creating a platform for our customers with good, bad or worst credit history, to be able to finance on their memory creating piece of jewelry, with CREDIT CHECK or with NO CREDIT CHECK.

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Buying jewelries online and on TV does come with a price. It is always a menace when repairs are necessary. Vue diamonds solves this. We like to treat your piece of jewelry, just the way you want them to be treated, whether you bought them through us or somewhere else. To restore that sentiment, that special meaning, we connect you with a local jeweler, in your town, who equally respects your SENTIMENTS and is certified to do so.  Best of all, you get to choose them by skills/specialization, and ratings /reviews made my customers in your town on the website. And the price is always WHOLESALE.


Our Financial Services

  • No Credit Check
  • Buy-Now-Pay-Later
  • no-interest-for-18-months
  • vue-referal